Solid Beginnings

With over 20 years experience in the world of Cad, Networking and 3d graphics, Joe Petrino is that rare example of artist meets technology.

Joe started as a structural draftsman when pencil and mylar were the latest tools. He was an early adopter of CAD and his first project was drafting the structural drawings for the "Lipstick" building in NYC. He contributed to many of the highly visible building of that time including 7 World Trade Center and 60 Wall Street.

Joe was working in 3D even then when a wire frame model was about all you could accomplish and when very few saw the potential of the third dimension. "In those days I frequently built 3D models after work and on the weekends to get clients interested. 3D was a hard sell back then!"

A Life In 3D

In the 1990's with the introduction 3D Studio (later to become 3D Studio Max) Joe threw himself completely into the world of 3D and learned skills that are still in use.

"The value of a 3d render as a design tool is only now being fully embraced by large and small companies alike." says Joe. "I have had many clients comment how much the finished project looks just like my render!"

What's Next?

A big challenge recently has been the emergence of cheap outsourced renders to India and Asia. While this works in some cases, the constant give and take between the designer and renderer suffers due to language and time differences. The price of course is attractive but something has to give and that will be your design vision. Keeping prices competitive and clients happy is a huge challenge that needs to be addressed.

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